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As we grow older, the efficiency of the structure and function of the body system seems to dwindle due to old age. During this period of advancement in age, if you were to ask people their greatest fears, Alzheimer’s would most likely be top of the list. This fear is not unusual as Alzheimer’s disease robs an individual of their cognitive ability and memory and this affects millions of aged ones today. It is the most common form of dementia and while many believe the only way out is to sit back, hope for the best and apply a pharmaceutical therapy when faced with this disease, modern research is a lot more promising. What are the best ways to prevent Alzheimer’s? How can you live a brain-healthy lifestyle?

Regular Exercise

Exercise improves your balance and supplies oxygen and blood flow to brain cells – stimulating the ability of the brain to maintain old memory and also create new ones in the process. What’s more, regular exercise is especially helpful for those who have already started developing cognitive problems. It can greatly reduce the rate of deterioration.

Healthy, Nutritious Diet

Ensure that fruits rich in antioxidants are a part of your diet regularly. These fruits include avocados, figs, garlic, and asparagus. Berries are also very rich in antioxidants; however, berries such as raspberry and blueberry are rich in anthocyanin – flavonoids that help to fight free radicals associated memory impairment. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like cold water fish such as mackerel, sardines, tuna, seaweed, trout, and salmon are also very great for preventing Alzheimer’s as they help in reducing beta-amyloid plaques. While at it, however, be sure to avoid sugary foods – sugars can most times be found in packaged foods. Therefore, fresh, home-made food is ideal. If you must drink, stick to moderate or even low amounts of alcohol. Sipping alcohol, rather slowly, in this case, is preferably taken with food.

Great Social Network

Human beings are naturally social creatures. No one loves to live in isolation, and neither would your brain love that treatment. You do not have to be a party-hard fellow, but the regular face-to-face connection with people who care about you will not only make you feel great but this can even strengthen the nerve cell connections of the brain.

Have a Purposeful Life

What do you love doing? Could you have a stress-free part-time job? Or could you volunteer to spend some time doing something you enjoy? This will help to boost your sense of worth and purpose. So, while you may be retired, sitting at home doing nothing all day will not help in any way. Engage in activities and projects that make you feel useful and needed.

You can rest assured that a healthy, happy old age is possible if you cultivate a healthy lifestyle when you are young. Live right, stay happy, and advance in freshness.

Article by: Andres Vieira